Lauren Mary Longo, Harpist

Celestial Celtic Harp

     With over 30 years of experience in a Church setting as organist and music director in the Catholic tradition, I feel most at home creating music to help people.  2004 was a special year for me.  I found my true soul's instrument: the harp.  In 2005, after recovering from surgery and not being able to find music to help me sleep, my first solo harp album was born.  It is called  AngelCalls, 43 minutes of uninterrupted peaceful music.  

     Soon after, I founded my own Recording Label,  Wing And A Prayer Recordings, so that people could take peaceful music with them "On the Go"  

Music is powerful.  

It can shift mood in an instant.  

We all experience that

when we turn on the radio,

stream a favorite song,

or hum a lullaby to a loved one.  

It can create Healing

in time of loss,


in times of joy,

and Beauty

in any environment.

It is a privilege

for me to use my Harp


a Sacred Tool

to comfort, heal and uplift.

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